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Our Service.

Our buildings are quality Cleary buildings with roof that have gutter system which sheds water quickly.

During the winter time when snow melts, gutters will help reduce ice from building in front of your unit’s door. We also shovel snow in front of your door so you will have easy access during the winter months.

The inside ceilings of our units are insulated to prevent condensation. The interior concrete floor level is raised above the surrounding concrete to prevent any possible water entry. We have dusk to dawn lighting on the outside of our buildings.

We provide you with a Master circular lock and key.

You will have access 7 days a week.

We have huge outside gated area for boats, trailers, campers, etc.

A 25.00 security deposit will be required which is refundable as long as a written notice is provided 10 days prior to the end of the month you no longer need your storage unit, unit is cleaned out and lock/key is returned. No other processing fees are required.

In order for us to keep our prices low on our storage units, we do not accept credit or debit cards.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: Thank you so much for your assistance with your storage facility. My trip to my new home would never have happened without your kindness and generosity. Also the referral with Mad City Movers was great. Thanks Jennifer.

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: We have to thank you so much for your great service and understanding. Kim & Greg

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: Thank you for the use of your facilities. I will be recommending others to use you if ever needed in the future. Clare

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: I have loved my unit and recommend you to everyone I know. Lori

CUSTOMER COMMENTS: Thank you for the quick and friendly service in setting up a storage unit. Crystal

Storage Notes And Tips

  • We provide pallets in our units. If storing cardboard boxes or furniture, place items on pallets.
  • Use freestanding shelves to keep your items organize in your unit.
  • Do not pack items too close to each other. Items need to breath.
  • Do not store food items. Unwanted guests will be prevented.
  • Check with your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance agent to get insurance on your storage belongings.
  • Do not store anything harmful, hazardous or flammable within our unit.

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